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EMODnet Geology

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The EMODnet Geology Portal aims at providing harmonised information on marine geology in Europe.

The portal is under development, and all data are for free download.

It is one of several EMODnet portals with the purpose to strengthen blue growth in Europe.


2018.11.09. Coming soon: Pan-European coastline-migration map based on satellite data 2007-2016

Traditionally, coastline-migration maps, showing erosion and accretion at the fringes of marine and lacustrine water bodies, have been made using field-monitoring data, supplemented locally by analyses of aerial photography. The EMODnet-Geology coastline-migration map is a good example. It provides an overview of our current knowledge and is useful in transnational coastal-zone management. At the same time, it is far from perfect. Read more…

2018.11.09. Why may a mapped coastline differ from the ‘official’ coastline?

Some users of the EMODnet-Geology coastline-migration maps have noted that the coastline as shown in green (accretion), yellow (stable) or red (erosion) does not always match with the ‘official’ present-day coastline. Understandably, they wonder if a mistake has been made. The answer is no. Read more…

2018.09.26. EMODnet Geology on your tv

Full project meeting taking place in Shëngjin, Albania. The meeting was covered by national media: