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The EMODnet-Geology project is one of seven that bring together information on the Geology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Bathymetry, Seabed Habitats, and Human Activities in the European marine environment. Each project assembles marine data, data products and metadata from a wide range of sources. In the EMODnet-Geology project the information made available to the network is principally provided by the project partners, although other organisations contribute to the geological mapping objectives in many of the participating countries. The full phase of the EMODnet-Geology Project started in October 2013 and will run for 3 years. The partnership includes 36 marine organisations from 30 countries that contribute information in all of the European Regional Seas.

During the preparatory phase of the EMODnet-Geology Project (2009-2012), maps for the Baltic Sea, Greater North Sea and Celtic Sea were delivered through the OneGeology-Europe (1G-E) project. In the current phase of the project, a portal will be developed that will serve information not only to 1G-E, but to a wider range of marine websites. The IG-E portal allows the delivery of both onshore and offshore geological information via a single website.

The geology data available includes:

  • sea-bed substrate
  • sediment accumulation rate
  • sea-floor geology
  • bedrock lithology
  • bedrock stratigraphy
  • coastline migration
  • mineral resources (oil and gas, aggregates, metallic minerals)
  • geological events (earthquakes, submarine landslides, volcanic centres)

Further information about the EMODnet Programme is available on the EMODnet Central Portal.