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Help Desk

The Help Desk is available during the week at EU office hours for providing feedback and assistance to users.

Questions will be answered by the Help Desk within 2 working days, wherever possible.

You can also request assistance by telephone by including your name and telephone number in the message and request to be called back. The Help Desk will arrange for the right person to call back when available.

We are reachable by phone:

  • Project management, GTK +358 29 503 0000
  • Data management GEUS +45 38 14 20 00
  • Seabed Substrate Map, GTK +358 29 503 0000
  • Sea-floor Geology Map, BGR +49 511 643 0
  • Coastal Behavior Map, TNO +31 88 866 33 65
  • Events & Probability Map, ISPRA +39 0650071
  • Mineral Occurrences Map, GTI +353 1 678 2896
  • Submerged Landscapes Map, BGS +44 115 936 3143


Site administrators, Help desk: Uffe Larsen, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

Project coordinator: Henry Vallius, Geological Survey of Finland


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