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Map viewer

Scroll below the map for general information and instructions. For better usability on small screens, show the map fullscreen.

Projection EPSG:3034


Map instructions

The map consists of a layer selection and configuration menu to the left. Browse through available groups and layers. When a layer is selected, additional tools and information will automatically appear below the layer title. If using PC or Mac, layers and layer groups can be rearranged by dragging their title along the y-axis. Legends and metadata can be copied to the upper right of the map by using the buttons below the entries.

Clicking anywhere on the map will generate a search through all active layers. The result appears as a list in the bottom of the map. Raw output from each list table are shown by clicking "Source" next to each list entry. The list table columns are sortable. Just click on a column.

If you want to share a particular map extent with a selection of layers, right click the chain icon in the top right of the layer selection menu.

The map is in projection EPSG:3034, which is a projection optimized for showing pan-European maps. Far west and east, locations might appear tilted. Use the "N" button in the top left to compensate.

Jump to a specific location by entering a location or address in the top left control.

You can add your own WMS service-URL in the bottom of the layer menu and query the EGDI metadata catalogue for even more data sets.